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The Bikeriser™
Alistair Dally
Simple, Clever, Effective

Hanging by the pedals with the bike levelled by the wheel supports is clearly a better solution than hanging by the frame, with the angle of the bikes out from the wall allowing useful overlap vertically. 3 bikes will readily fit in the same vertical space that 2 hung flat will. But, it's worth noting though that the compromise involved is that the handlebars and indeed the seat will be a lot further out from the wall than one might expect. My 450mm wide road bikee bars extend 670mm from wall and the seat is 550mm out. As width in the garage is tight I changed plan from stacking 3 vertically to just 2, with the bottom bike high enough that the handlebars will be above the roof of the small car that has to share the space. But overall very happy with the outcome.

The Bikeriser™
George Tisby
Love it!!!

I ordered the BikeRiser for storage but also I thought it would look cool to have my bikes on a wall. Just like a piece of art. Install was very easy. Great buy!

The Bikeriser™
Tim McCaleb
Perfect solution!

I used to have my bike from a hook in the ceiling in garage, but it had a 12 foot ceiling and I had get a ladder to get it down. Needless to say, this caused me to ride my bike less due to the inconvenience. Installation was easy. Now I just grab it and go!

The Bikeriser™
Nathan Rance
Artwork is Hanging

Quality product which allows to gain floor space back in my garage

The Bikeriser™
Bill Thorne
Love my Bikerisers

I am so pleased with my Bikeriser hangers.

Suitable for Apartment Entrance

Very happy with my purchase! I ended up bending the pedal mount upwards substantially to reduce the feel of my bike "hanging" too much into the space. My bike is a 55-pound+ e-bike and is security mounted.

The Bikeriser™
Neudy Rodriguez
Bikesiser is really good!

I bought this product and it is really good, fully recommended.

The Bikeriser™
chris sabia
New home install

The risers arrived quickly and were easy to install. I mounted on a stud for the pedal mount, but one could use toggle bolts fir more flexibility of placement. We like the look and the space saved is nice.

The Bikeriser™
Douglas Drummond
Great storage solution with artistic look

So I kept seeing the ad on Facebook and was looking for a way to get the kids bikes off the ground. I searched them up and watched the install videos and it looked super easy. Ordered 3 and installed them. They are easy for my teens to use and look great in my garage. Looks like wall art or a display. Allows more room for the cars to park closer to the wall. Doesn’t look bad when the bikes are removed either. I love that they stagger and install is quick and easy and sturdy. Materials are strong and comes with everything you need. I’m happy with them and gladly recommend. Fast shipping too.

Perfect for small apartment!

Perfect for my small city apartment! I bought 2, one for my mountain bike, one for my fixie. I’m not very savvy with tools so I hired a task rabbit to mount them for me. He was done within 40 mins! Love the look and the space saving.

Awesome way to store and display!

Simple install, bike looks killer, and very easy to take on and off rack.

Out of the way with class

What a great piece of equipment. It’s simple and it’s doesn’t hurt the pockets. Best of all it looks good, reall good. Installation was easy and quick

Great solution

Easy to install; fits my roadie perfectly. The wheel trays are a little narrow for my Surly Ice Cream Truck but then again it's got 5" tires.

Much prefer this to on the floor solutions. And it looks a little like art when the bikes are handing up there.

The Bikeriser™
john Alexander
Up and outta

Hold both my street and mountain bike well. Great low-pro design.

The Bikeriser™
Aaron Wheatley
Bike rack

This item is a great idea and works a charm. The only problem i personally ran into is that the mount bends a little when your first mounting it on there as per instructions. Once it is on the wall it looks great and I can’t complain other than the metal bending and having to bend it back to a good shape to fit my peddle.

Looking neat and cool!🚲

I love how bike riser made my 2 bikes secure, neat and organized in my garage. The installation was quick and easy as well. I’m glad I took a chance on buying them & I’m a very satisfied customer and rider! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😊😊😊

The Bikeriser™
Noah Venezia
Great product

The Bike Riser is great to keep the garage organized. Easy to install and the DJ looks great hanging on the wall

The Bikeriser™
Mike Conforti
Michael Conforti

Works perfectly, floor space is freed up & bikes are mounted securely until needed.

Great mounts with a bit of creativity

I initially attempted to install them both into concrete and drywall. Neither provided a fantastic result, but mounted on wood, these are great. If you have bikes with different length cranks, make sure you use the shortest cranks to install the mounts. Otherwise the shorter crank bikes will hang off the pedal.

The Bikeriser™
Darin Rolfe
Great Product!

Quick delivery. Quality product and easy installation. I highly recommend this product.

The Bikeriser™
Bernabe Duran
Bike Risers

Hello Team over at Bike Risers… so, I am not much to writing reviews, however, I just had to drop a note to say thank you. I have purchased 3 of these bad boys… they are very easy to install and wow, how easy it is to hang up my bikes… thank you for a well made and creative product. Thank you!!!


The Bikeriser™
Brian Anderson
More room

I needed a good solution to store my bike out of the way. I found Bikeriser to be that solution. Installation was quick and easy and the result is a fantastic way to store my E-Bike.

The Bikeriser™
Valarie Kay
Great as a Living Room Centerpiece

I have a small apartment downtown without a balcony so was looking for a unique yet clever way to store my bike. The bikeriser is perfect for my small space! I hung my bike up over my couch instead of some kind of painting. It looks great and was easy to install!

The Bikeriser™
Stephen O'Keefe
As good as they look in ads

Bought these after seeing on social media. Was sceptical. They look great and give me room to park my car hard up against the wall. Drilling 14 holes into masonry was a pain, but worth it in the end.

Super easy install, perfect product.

Perfect product. There isn’t any flaws or ways that this could be defective. It’s so simple and it does the job very well hiding the actual device and just showing the bikes as they were floating and coasting in a imaginary road in the wall. It really free up space unlike other bike hangers that makes de bicycle stick out a lot.